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BadOnlineDates: sturich65
sturich65 Shrink

As a newly single man in my forties this whole online dating thing has been well an education. I have had three dates so far in a row with divorced ladies who immediately take me for a shrink and want to unload all the "horrible" stories about their ex spouses. Latest one went through a blow by blow description of their breakup (an hour straight). Another sermonized to me about how bad the ex was because last week he has to work so the kids went out with his parents instead to a zoo (yeah personally I don't see the harm, she admitted they enjoyed themselves "but that's not the point" she said).

I am taking a break from dating for a few months to re-group...


What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: dezertwoman

Me too! No more internet dating sites! Past is past and we have to grow forward. I like to meet someone then find something in common that we can do. That is the way it should be.

BadOnlineDates: becca424

Привет! Я мисс Мэри Как вы сегодня, и как о своем здоровье, надеюсь, вы штраф и good.Any и, пройдя через свой профиль на этом сайте, я стал интересоваться в you.I хотели бы иметь Вас как мой хороший друг, которого я хотел бы поделиться своими жизненный опыт with.Your пола, возраста, расы, ни расстояние не имеет зн...

BadOnlineDates: theaccidentalplayer

Here's what you can learn from this...being negative chases people away. Every so often I'll meet someone who at first I like, but then realize after 5-6 dates that they just aren't it. Some women I feel like I can just say "hey, you know, I'm just not feeling it". Others, you get a sense that they won't take...

BadOnlineDates: idoh01

My name is suzzy I came across your post and became interested in you i will like to tell you so that I will tell you more about my self and also send my picture for you to see here is my email(susyamamku@yahoo.com)

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