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BadOnlineDates: sophiemom
sophiemom No 2nd date

I reluctantly agreed to go on a date with a guy who is friends with a friend of mine. I need to say here that the friend who suggested I go out with this man knows me extremely well.

Having said that I gave my girlfriend permission to give (I'll call him Jay) my cell number. He promptly called me and asked me to go out to dinner at a local casino (red flag #1). He also said because I was friends with his friend (Barb), he would treat me like a queen (red flag #2) - this guy doesn't even know me...hello?

I agreed to meet him at said restaurant at casino. I was dressed fairly nice and had on heels. It was about 95 degrees outside and I meet him in front of the casino where he was smoking a cigarette (big problem for me as I don't smoke and Barb has assured me he won't be smoking around me). He rushes to greet me, grabs my arm and leads me to his car which is parked in the "special gamblers" parking area (red flag #3) where he has red roses for me wrapped in plastic. I accept them awkwardly and he says "note that there are 24 of them in there". Wow! Now I have to walk clear across and up the hilly parking lot to put the 24 roses in my car while we have dinner. We walk all the way back to the casino and he knows literally everyone in the place (red flag #4) and shoves me down onto a stool in front of a slot machine and opens his "bulging wallet" and says "here play some games". After spending about $60 in slots we decided to have dinner in the very creepy and dark restaurant in back of the casino where of course he knows all the staff. I start to order and he just keeps saying "it's not about me, it's only about you, it doesn't matter about me at all, you're the queen" At this point I so wanted to bail. Then he stuck his finger in his mouth and started pulling on his new partial he tells me about and how it doesn't fit right. We talked very little. He told me he makes a lot of money and that he has thousands of points at this place so that dinner and wine are costing him nothing. He vaguely asked me about my work and my daughter. He promptly tells me he does "nothing" for a living. I already know he's a politician, an appointed position. But he starts bragging that he just sits there all day in his office doing absolutely nothing. May call in a favor or two now and then. He even tells me that he was responsible for getting my friend her position (she's a lawyer and he has no education at all). This did not impress me in the least as I work very hard as a nurse. And meanwhile my tax dollars are paying this guy's big salary. After dinner he leads me by the arm out to the smoking area so he can smoke again and then pulled out his phone to show me photos of his gorgeous secretary (which he doesn't need since he does NOTHING all day). He then flipped over to pics of his ex girlfriend who is no kidding at least 25 years younger than me and I'm a good 25 years younger than this dude. Unreal. I politely thanked him for dinner as he walked me to my car and asked me for another date. I told him we would see that I was too tired to think.

The next day he called me several times and I didn't take his calls as I was very tired. The day after he called several times and I called him back and politely told him I would not be going out with him again (my friend wanted me to be honest with him). Later he left me some very nasty voicemails on my phone about how he just knew I didn't want to date him because of hie age - Geez! I can think of two million reasons not to date this guy, least of which is his age. No more blind dates for me. No way!

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