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BadOnlineDates: sasha0809
sasha0809 after a month

I met him online Cute funny and always affectionate, called be babe, honey, mooshkie ( dont ask) We dated for a few weeks, about 3 or 4 times a week before he introduced me to his friends. All night long they call me Lisa, even after I corrected them 4 times. Finally I asked one of the wives why every one is calling me Lisa, she stated because that is your name, I said No not even close. Sasha\lisa not close
Later after we left I confronted him about what my name was he said Lisa, and then had an arguement about what my name was. I had to show him my drivers lisence to prove it. which he saw my real age. I told him we were the same age, I am 8 yrs older but look younger than him. Anyway that was our last night together

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BadOnlineDates: theaccidentalplayer

Not being honest about your age is never a good idea. I've met women who I caught in the lie, or who were honest but only after many dates. Personally, if someone is lying about that, I feel I can't trust them about other things either. And you will get caught. I've had women argue that they lie about their ag...

BadOnlineDates: sasha0809

Accidental,,,, i agree dont lie about age. but you missed the real point is to at least be conscience enough to remeber the name of the person you have been with for months...

BadOnlineDates: junglered

Hmm...so you're upset that this guy had a bad memory and couldn't remember your name while you couldn't remember your own lie and got caught? Unless this guy purposely forgot your name (like you purposely misrepresented yourself as being nearly ten years younger than him), you really have no leg to stand on. He was ...

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