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BadOnlineDates: myaka
myaka internet dating sites...don't look for Love

I am widowed 3 years now and started my search for a boyfriend on all the sites from match,eharmony,pof,okcupid etcetc..in the age group 55-67years old.the whole internet dating thing is full of players looking to hookup.After more than 2 years I have no faith in it.The guys are serial daters looking for a hookup.their profile says"looking for a relationship" there not.when they see a women's profile they assume she wants a hookup also.even when you say your not.we need the truth to come out about broken hearts and frustration this causes decent women truely looking for a relationship.that's why I am blogging about this where ever I can to warn women of the tricks these guys use to make you believe they care.they don't all they want is sex.

What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: theaccidentalplayer

I don't think that's true of all men on dating sites, nor can you say that some women don't display this behavior. The reality is that online dating is just one of many channels for meeting people of the opposite sex. And with every channel, you'll get "players", both men and women. You'll also get sincere people...

BadOnlineDates: junglered

Hate to break this to ya, myaka, but some men are like this in REAL life too. Online dating sites are not the last refuge of slimy men. Anyone who has tried online dating and real life dating will tell you this. There are some good men out there so there's no reason to label the majority of them as cads. You'r...

BadOnlineDates: Sa3lowa


BadOnlineDates: Sa3lowa

Iwont Inead lade for me

BadOnlineDates: Chii

Not all though but i agree that most of them are after sex. Im still 19 but i know that its that way xD but as possible now try to control my feelings to my bf though were both long distance relationship. We just need to put trust on each other :)

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