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BadOnlineDates: Ravei
Ravei Ok....

I had the strangest date I have been on in awhile recently. I asked ms. D (to give her some privacy) out because from our conversations she seemed like a pretty cool girl. She was into reading, video games, anime and other such things I had listed in my profile. So we meet up at a mall to hang out and see a movie but the entire time we are there she is spouting ridiculous religious nonsense that I have never heard anywhere To be honest. On top of that she actually resented all of the things that she told me she liked and then she asked me my religion, which I should've lied about, because when I said atheist the negativity really started flying and she spent the entirety of the movie trying to convert me...needless to say I couldn't wait for that date to end

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BadOnlineDates: shine4362

That would have been the date from hell (no pun intended) for me! LoL I never knock anyone's religion or beliefs and in return I'd respect the same... whether I'm a believer or not! I realize that going on a date in part is to try and find out if you share some kind of comparability but trying to convert someone on...

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