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NotSureWhatHappened Political Twit

I had been talking to someone who I met on POF. He seemed like a super nice guy who proceeded to tell me a sob story about how he got drunk on a boat with some girl he just met, she passed out and he had to drive the boat to the marina where he was quickly arrested for drinking and driving (a boat)... I felt bad for him, never realizing that he truly has issues with alcohol. A few weeks later I came back from being out of town and was anxious to meet him. I texted and called all day and never heard back, but when I did, he said he had been 'sleeping' all day because he was watching a political thing on TV, proceeded to say that I was a moron for not agreeing with his political views (mind you I haven't even met the guy) - I told him that was a personal thing each person had a right to believe in, I respect others and don't judge because of political or religious preferences... He again called me a moron and was just evil. Needless to say I never met him and won't! What a political twit.

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