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BadOnlineDates: fnord
fnord The Runaway Bride

May, the sun is shining and it's decently warm outside. I am meeting for the first time with a date from a dating site. I am a relatively busy chef in a nice-ish kitchen and this seems to be the only way meeting people who work normal hours.

Our first date ends with me extracting myself and going home. Date two ends in sex. And just like that we're a couple. Things go great for a while, she never gets tired about telling me what a "great summer" this will be. And I am on endorphin every day. Sounds lovely, doesn't it.

Well, we talk a lot about her ex husband. A right butthole if there ever was one. Abusive, emotionally and physically, controlling, and cheating. She has a daughter, turning six while we date. When her daughter "graduates" from kindergarten it's me who throws her a party. I cook for her and I make time, lots of time, between shifts. The rest of my life kind of gets on hold.

Saturday, late June. "I love you, see you tomorrow". Sunday, "I have a cold. Can we reschedule?". Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, no response to SMS or calls. I drive to her house, ring the doorbell. She opens, looking disheveled. I get scared. I am not a pushover by any means and there's a shadowy figure in the back of the house. "Can I come in?" "No, I want you to leave" "Who is that?" "My ex, he's watching [the daughter] while I am sick". "Ok, let's talk later."

I know it's over. This isn't the whole story, of course. On IM she confesses she loves me a lot but she needs something else, whatever that is. I am heartbroken.

A week later she gets remarried to her ex. I am out a $1000 camera and a few other things. None of those matter. What matters is that she lied. Gah!

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BadOnlineDates: Sandy213

Hello, my name is Miss sandy, I am a young beautiful girl with full of love and caring also romantic, i saw your profile today and like to be your friend, reply me back to my private email address: (sandymaxwell560@yahoo.com ). so that I will send my picture to You and more information about me. bye with a nice ki...

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