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BadOnlineDates: brahmabull1
brahmabull1 scary

We started talking after he accidentally called my telephone by mistake. We lived in the same state, and he seemed very intelligent, and we shared many of the same views. We spoke on the phone for hours over the course of about a year. Finally we decide to meet. He drives to my town and we meet at a restaurant. I see him waiting for me outside of the restaurant when I arrive, and I enthusiatically give him a hug. Nothing. Arms down to the side, very stiff. Ok, weird. Inside the restaurant, same thing. It dawned on me that he was extremely socially awkward. This guy is 46 years old!! Date dragged on for 1 1/2. We leave, again I give him a hug. Nothing. Fine. He emails me 3 hours later, tells me that he made it home, and that he had a great time and would love to do it again. No way.

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BadOnlineDates: Chii

Ur just scared bcoz his old? U can still see him but in day light :)

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