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BadOnlineDates: dezertwoman
dezertwoman Retired Deputy Sheriff in Wyoming scammer and abuser

Hi. I tried singles net . com and "Ernie" contacted me. He assured me with the lulling tone that he just wanted to find the love of his life and get married. He lives in Thermopolis WY and is 75 years old, quite good looking. He had me convinced for awhile that he was what he said he was, a very gentle loving man. I drove to Thermopolis and after a week found out about the mental problems with his grown children; one a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and the other trying to live off of "dad", who also seemed very retalitory....I was right! Ernie allowed his son to yank my hair, pulling my head to the table but he said he did not see it. He lied. Then the son stole a gun, loaded, and forced my hand onto the butt, telling me that he was going to kill the guy talking to his Sister....that was my Son! Once again, Ernie denied the whole episode. I went to the police but somehow a case report number was not assigned...imagine that...Ok, I left Thermopolis and stated I would never live there because I learned real quick that Ernie would allow his children to do anything they wanted. Then I found out that Ernie's late wife was bed ridden with oxygen to stay alive....seems there was a life insurance policy that was not in his total control. One of the family members kept finding her oxygen turned way down or off. She was admitted to the hospital and died. He did come to my home to visit but started with brow beating, then threats that he could hurt a person without leaving marks and that he could get away with self defense because of his status. He started going into rages and throwing things. Bottom line I got him to leave my residence in Utah and go back to his home. I then told him I would not live with the many problems he and his children had and the abuse. I was forced to file a Stalking Injunction as this guy will use physical force to get his way. All he really wanted was for me to sell my property and he would have taken the proceeds....Ladies, be smart and watch out for this kind of guy....bad ex cop to say the least....oh he never got retirement after 28 years on the force and that is a big big red flag.

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