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BadOnlineDates: Chii
Chii Short Romance

I started dating online when i was in 1st year college. I dated girls back then but when me and my last GF broke up she wants me to promise that she wants to be my last ex GF. I never tried dating people in my country its always been a foreinger. But that dosent mean that i wont be faithful to my lover. We lasted for 8 months only. But then when i started to look For guys, I Was scared coz i never dated a guy in online and just once in Real life. This guy got alot of tattoo and he got a kid already. But i never hated him because of that. It even made me to like him more becoz his a nice father to his kid. But i just wonder why he picked me instead of girls near him? NY got alot of sexy chicks. I admit That i feel luke im being played by him. But i let myself think that he wont cheat on me. He already confessed that he likes me on the first day we talk but becoz im a slow picker i ddnt realized that he likes me. I told him that i like him also by the next day. Its not becoz i feel pity but i find myself missing him if we cant talk. But then days after we dated he suddenly change. He is online but he never great me in mornings or even evenings. But i thought his just busy. But then 3 days passed he didnt online. I was worried and sad. I told him that I miss him and all but he just ignores me. It hurts alot. I lost my love a lil bit for him but i wont deny that i did love him. Even Id he always says bad words on me And ignores me in days. Coz i think that He did love me even if we just dated in days.

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