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Don't be misled by the name - this social community has been created to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones. In fact, this site is the exact opposite of what the name implies.

BadOnlineDates.com is a completely new and different way to find camaraderie while meeting like-minded people. BadOnlineDates.com has been created to connect people from all walks of life through their bad dating experiences. And let's face it, we've all been there in some way or another and bad dates may feel isolating and just plain suck!

On that note, who among America's 90 million singles hasn't been on a bad date? At some point during your life regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation, you've probably asked yourself, just how many bad dates does one person have to be subjected to?

It was my own life's multiple combo plate of bad dates, such as: the sloppy drunk guys; or the guys who never offered, but expected me to drive on our first date; and other similar experiences that inspired me to create this supportive community.

In the midst of my own search for love (current status: looking, but in no hurry), I also wrote a book called Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel where I devoted 12 months of dating and documenting with the specific purpose of collecting data, compiling research, and asking important questions that may or may not have been posed to the public in the way I have done.

That road to finding true love may contain a mixed bag of both good and bad date bumps. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Yes, your date really did just run three stop lights while driving 60 miles per hour in a school zone.
  • Yes, your date just washed up their hands in your water glass.
  • Yes, the person you just slept with is hurrying you out because their girlfriend/ boyfriend is on her way over.

And it can get worse!

We all know what we don't like, especially in terms of what we look for in another person. The number one most important issue for me in life is respect, starting with yourself, then for others and the world around around you. You never have to accept disrespectful behavior on a date! No, nose picking is not sexy; and no, you should not spend your only free night of the week with someone whose dreadful table manners include a bird's eye view of what they're chewing. You deserve better .

We all have bad date stories to share.

Don't be shy! Log in, tell your bad date stories and bond with like-minded people. Your bad dates deserve to be exposed!

With the warmest of regards,

Jennifer Kelton

CEO and founder BadOnlineDates.com

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