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What is BadOnlineDates.com?

Bad date? You're not alone!

BadOnlineDates.com is a social networking community connecting singles through their bad date experiences. Members post profiles and share their bad date stories. BOD is a site for anyone who has ever suffered through the demoralizing, albeit hysterical process of online dating and come out the other side with a story to tell. Badonlinedates.com is a cathartic site for laughter and connection. And as the story goes - laughter is healing.

How does it work?

Bad Online Dates is free to join, log in at www.BadOnlineDates.com. Then, post a personal profile with basic stats and a photo. It's then that you can start to share your bad date stories on the site, also via Twitter using these hash tags: #badonlinedates, #badonlinedate, #disasterdate, #baddate, #baddates,#disasterdates, #dreadfuldate, dreadfuldates as well with the free iPhone app that's available in iTunes which allows members to report their dreadful dates in real time and straight from the dating trenches.

These stories are what will help connect you to other members.

Members can comment on the posts, communicate directly with others, or simply vent about the crappy date they had last night. The point of the site is to empower singles who have become somewhat frustrated and down-trodden by the dating scene and are ready to find a new outlet to share, laugh, vent and bond.

Who is Jennifer Kelton?

CEO, creator and founder, Jennifer Kelton, is not only an expert at the dating game, she's an accomplished entrepreneur. She's been a fashion designer of eco-friendly clothing (before it was "cool"), owned and operated a top L.A. night club that helped launch the careers of many a budding musician and she's the author of Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel (www.DontUseMySweaterLikeaTowel.com). She's traveled the world, is a certified hypnotist and has been inspired by the game of love for over 30 years. She's no stranger to taking on a challenge, whether it's starting her own company or surviving the world of online dating.

In October of 2007, Jennifer launched BadOnlineDates.com, hoping to create a revolutionary new site that rises above the cliché's of online dating by combining social networking and online dating site designed to connect people through their bad date experiences; allowing them to release their frustration by telling their stories, laughing about the awful truth and letting go of bad online dating mojo. She wants to see online dating evolve into something more human, honest and organic and help heal the wounds of anyone who has been rejected by a computer or gone to dinner with their worst nightmare. There's not better path healing than a road paved with hysterical laughter. In addition to BadOnlineDates.com, Jennifer is also the creator and director of Bad Date TV. The show features archetypal bad date characters. The scenes are improvised and finish with a nice moral to the story which aspires to improve the dating manners of the masses.

When she's not helping the world lick their dating wounds and find a way back to love, Jennifer is an avid snowboarder and a confident single woman who wouldn't mind finding Mr. Right but knows that she won't find him just by reading a profile.

How do bad dating stories connect people?

Go Ahead. It's okay to laugh!

BadOnlineDates.com is a social networking site whose time has come.

BadOnlineDates.com is the best of social networking giving an ever-growing, ever-frustrated community an opportunity to connect, vent and ultimately laugh about their online dating misadventures and mishaps by using the best of social media.

The iPhone App

Have you ever had a date so criminally awful that you needed a virtual wingman? Well, BadOnlineDates has you covered! You got it. There's now an app for that!

With the introduction of BadOnlinedates.com's latest tool, the BadOnlinedates iPhone App, online daters have a chance to tell their story in real time and interact with other members as well as get immediate advice or comic relief. iPhone users can post their bad date experience as it is happening from their phone. So now, at BadOnlinedates.com, you're never alone.

Members can go to iTunes and download the application at no charge. Once the application is installed, they never have to feel alone again. No bad date is that bad when you have back up!


By using any of these hash tags you will be connected live and in real time through the BOD feed.

Twitter #badonlinedates, #badonlinedate, #disasterdate, #baddate, #baddates, #disasterdates, #dreadfuldate, #dreadfuldates

Bad Date TV

Takes real life anecdotes and turns them into fictional and funny webisodes, making light of the more painful aspects of dating. The tales of Bad Date Betty, Bad Date Ben, Bad Date Jack, Bad Date Alice, Bad Date Charlie and Bad Date Jan let people know that they are not alone, give advice and are a subtle recommendation for good etiquette practices. Bad Date TV webisodes are filled with sex humor, dating humor and a bit of dirty humor, all in the name of dating fun.

Do I have to provide a bad date story to join?

No, but we encourage you to delve back into those recent and also repressed, terrible date memories to provide one because it helps us connect you with the community.

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